How to add entries to Alarms?

In order to add an entry to an alarm. First, you'll need to select a graph view where the alarm is visible. This could be either the Day the alarm was triggered or the Week. Any alarms will be viewable below the graph in a separate box.


Once you have found the alarm that you would like to add an entry to. Click on the “+” symbol on the right of the alarm as seen in the above screenshot. This will open up a new box where you can type a parent entry.


Type your entry and select “Save” to add the message to the alarm.

If an entry has already been added to an alarm. The icon will display a green entry symbol as seen below:

By clicking on the icon or the bar, the alarm thread will re-open. Allowing you to add further replies. Please note that entries cannot be edited, but they can be struck out by selecting the strikeout button.