Are alarms and technical alarms the same thing?

What is the difference?

Eupry Monitoring App alarms are notifications sent via email, SMS, or a call when automatically measured values are set for individual profiles and get triggered when a single measurement is above or below the set limits. The Monitoring Web App alarms can vary from device, profile, and location.


Technical alarms include alarms for a Data Logger when they have not connected for a period, alarms for when the battery is about to run out, and when the connection is lost to a Wifi Router (Basestation). Technical alarms are enabled by default, and the users do not need to set them up manually.


What types of technical alarms are available?

You will be able to receive the following technical alarms. It is important to note that technical alarms are received just like normal alarms, as well as by SMS and email. If a user has disabled alarms, technical alarms will also be disabled.


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