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Data Mode: Smart and Dynamic upload


A Data Logger supports two different upload modes, these are called smart upload and dynamic upload.

The Data Logger will always attempt to upload according to the specified upload interval (default value is 12 hours) or if it records a measurement that is in conflict with the alarm setting specifications set on the profile. This mode is what we call dynamic upload.

If your Data Logger is set to smart upload it will upload more regularly*.

The smart upload will increase the number of uploads by the following rules:

  • One extra upload 15 minutes after recording a measurement outside the alarm settings
  • Continuously uploads every 60 minutes as long as the measurements are outside the alarm settings
  • One extra upload 30 minutes after an alarm has ended

*Note that the increased number of uploads will affect battery lifetime.

The smart upload will allow you to monitor your Data Logger closer to real-time at important times. 

Please reach out to the Eupry Support team at support@eupry.com if you would like to change the upload intervals of your Data Loggers.