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System Overview

The Eupry Monitoring system consists of one or more WiFi Data Loggers and/or one or more manual inputs via the Eupry Monitoring smartphone application. A depiction is shown below:

External Sensor
An External Sensor can be connected to the Data Logger to measure different parameters.


WiFi Data Loggers

WiFi Data Loggers connect to either the Eupry-provided WiFi access point or the user's local WiFi access point and send the encrypted data via WiFi. While the Data Loggers are connected, they also receive updated configurations.



If connected to the internet, the data is then transferred securely via the internet to Eupry’s cloud database.


Cloud database

The data is stored anonymously in the Eupry Cloud Database. If an alarm has occurred, the backend server generates an alert for SMS and/or email to the user.


Mobile and web application

Via the mobile or web application, the data stored in the database can be viewed and exported. In the web application, there is a broader option for adjusting the system preferences. 


System requirements:
The Web Application can be viewed in most web browsers, although some are known to cause issues. Therefore a list of recommended and not recommended browsers are listed below:

Mozilla Firefox - Version 48.0 or newer

Safari - Version 11.0.1 or newer

Chrome - Version 62.0.3202.94 or newer


Unrecommended web browsers
Internet Explorer - Has known issues both regarding stability and graphical appearance