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User Settings and Permissions

1. User Settings

Once you are logged in to eupry.com you can edit your account.

Don't have an account yet? Find out how to make one by visiting this page. Having problems logging in? Here you can find information on how to reset your password. 


Click on the green user icon on the top right corner of the page, then click ‘My account’.  A new window will pop up where you can check and edit your account information, time zone,  and time format. If you move your mouse over this section and scroll down, you can select the type of alarm your account will receive. 



When you are finished setting up your account, click ‘Save’.

2. User Permissions

The intended owner of the system should create a user first, and then invite other users (eg. employees) afterward with the desired authority level. As the system owner, you can invite other users either on a location or profile level and thereby restrict user access to specific locations (eg. clinics or buildings) or profiles (eg. pieces of equipment).

Users are divided into three different categories with different authorities in the system, as listed below: Owner, Admin, and User.

    3. Change of User Permissions 


    It is possible to view and adjust the level of an invited user, as owner, by clicking on the user’s button (as described above) and then clicking on invited users. It is also from this menu that a user can be de-invited, and hence will not be able to see data from locations or profiles any longer.